Common Sense Gun Laws

After The Covenant School shooting, our elected officials promised to take meaningful action on gun reform, but they did not. The refused to even hear bills that would make our schools and communities safer and instead passed bills making it easier for violent criminals to access firearms.

Our schools should not be a war zone and every child has the right to go to school without the threat of random gun violence. Instead of passing laws that have been proven to decrease gun violence, our elected officials are passing bills to arm our teachers.

If lawmakers want to say that mental illness is the reason for school shootings, the state of Tennessee should put their money where their mouth is and make mental healthcare accessible to all. Instead, school districts are forced to spend millions of dollars trying to lock our schools down with bulletproof windows and metal detectors in a never-ending arms race with potential school shooters.

There's nothing wrong with owning a gun, but they should remain locked up, in a safe place away from children. Safe Storage laws will not only prevent dozens of accidental child gun deaths every year but will help decrease the number of firearms stolen out of unlocked cars.

The problem is easy access to guns!