The Republicans have worked towards banning abortion for decades and have succeeded by having a bought and paid for Supreme Court overturn Roe.

The Dobbs decision has led to so much pain and suffering for women and their families in Tennessee and across the U.S. Reproductive healthcare rights are critical to mothers and families everywhere. And the Tennessee GOP has demonized women who are trying to make the best decisions for themselves and their families, even those women trying to survive a life-threatening pregnancy.

Every opportunity the TN GOP has had to make exceptions for instances of rape and incest, even for minors, they have refused. Next they are coming after IVF and birth control. I will fight to protect access to IVF, birth control, and fight for women's access to the healthcare they deserve.

Unfortunately, my opponent and his party claim to be pro-life, but their policies are nothing of the sort. I support putting more money into schools, healthcare facilities, and social services that actually help women and children, not harm them.

Women's Reproductive Rights